Elaine Cunningham-Walker




(Bsc, Msc, ACCA)




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Hi, I’m Elaine! I believe there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your children thrive. As a mother of two amazingly intelligent children, who appeared on the Channel 4 series "Child Genius" and have been endorsed by MENSA, I understand first hand that raising children is no joke. But it is certainly possible . I have successfully coached my own children to be distinction level musicians, playing 7 instruments between them. My eldest son, is currently, a Grade 7 standard, at age 14. As a graduate of Kings College, I understand the benefits of quality education. For the past 7 years, I have assisted parents across the globe on ways to create an enabling environment, so that our children can maximize their capabilities to the fullness. Today, I run an Education Consulting Agency, called Everything's Education, specialising in bespoke educational framework as well as a collective of family-oriented strategies that guarantee placements in top US and UK boarding schools. 

There is a genius in every child, it just needs to be nurtured and developed


For the past 7 years in my line of work, I find that many children lack the emotional intelligence and resilience to deal with the personal struggles they face on the education path. However, I live by the code “There is Genius in every child, it just needs nurtured and developed”. My aim is to help with parents and children with the developmental process it takes to ensure premium education experiences, better family relationships and fully actualized children. As a speaker and education expert, I believe that in my own small way, I can bring hope, knowledge,and valuable information to our children. Our future. 


Let us be intentional about our children’s education today